of approximately 3.5 million US homes),6 producing over one billion dollars in Federal revenue. In addition to our authorities to develop, operate, and maintain Federal hydropower facilities, BOR is also authorized to permit the use of our nonpowered assets to non-Federal entities for the purposes of hydropower neodymium magnet
development via a lease of power privilege (LOPP). The BOR is committed to facilitating the development of non-Federal hydropower at our existing Federal assets. Acting on this commitment, BOR has undertaken a number of activities, including: i. Completion of two publically available resource assessments. Assessments identify technical hydropower potential at existing BOR facilities, irrespective of financial viability. ii. Collaboration with stakeholder groups to improve the LOPP process and LOPP Directive and Standard (D&S) policy guidance document. A BOR LOPP is a contractual right given to a non-Federal entity to use a BOR asset (e.g. dam or conduit) for electric neodymium magnet n52
power generation consistent with BOR project purposes. The BOR has conducted LOPP outreach with stakeholder groups and hydropower industry associations; and made resources and staff available via a LOPP website: https://www.usbr.gov/power/LOPP/index.html. The BOR has also partnered with sister 6 See, https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=97&t=3 under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Hydropower to, in part, encourage and streamline non-Federal development on Federal infrastructure. Through these activities, BOR has made resources available to developers and peeled back the barriers that may burden non-Federal hydropower development – while continuing to neodymium ring magnets protect the Federal assets that our customers, operating partners, and stakeholders have depended on for over a century. The response BOR has received from these groups (including the development community) in this effort has been overwhelmingly positive. LOPP projects provide a source of reliable, domestic, and sustainable generation – that supports rural economies and the underlying Federal water resource project. H. Bureau of Indian Affairs The BIA provides services to nearly 2 million American Indians and Alaska

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